About Us

ASAP is a nonprofit organization that addresses the critical problem of molestation and abuse in the Jewish community. Our mission is to assist Jewish communities in building healthy, responsible, and abuse-free environments. ASAP provides treatment and prevention resources to victims, therapists, and community organizations, providing them with the necessary tools to create a healthy and safe environment. 

Our Objectives

  • To prevent abuse through promoting increased community awareness
  • To establish best-practice industry standards
  • To promote professional knowledge in community nonprofit organizations
  • To promote professional training of trauma therapists
  • To support professional therapeutic services for victims
  • To ensure professional services are adapted to the needs of the Jewish communities
  • To support victims in achieving self-sufficiency

Our Programs

Therapy Program

ASAP’s therapy program enables victims of child sexual abuse to access the professional trauma treatment needed in order to heal and build healthy lives.

Professional Training

ASAP’s advanced scholarship program was created to increase the number of qualified trauma therapists able to professionally treat victims of abuse in the Jewish community.

Summer Camp Training

ASAP’s free online abuse-prevention program helps summer camps minimize incidents of abuse and support those who have been abused in the past.

Resource Center

ASAP’s online resource center enables the Jewish community to access professional and culturally sensitive information and tools about abuse and abuse-prevention.

Our Team


Moshe Schapiro



Haim Beinash

Finance Department


Michael Shumacher



Gila Ashkenazy

Project Coordinator


Ora Kalfa

Program Manager


Yael Solomon

Professional Consultant


Zeevi Kessler

Chief Technology Officer


Michael Salamon

Professional Consultant

Special Thanks

ASAP expresses its sincere gratitude to our supporters and colleagues listed below who have made a significant contribution to our organization:

The Friedberg Charitable Foundation of Canada
The Robert and Ita Klein Foundation
The Wolfson Foundation
United Congregation Mesorah
IDT Howard Jonas
Ayala Barnett
David Pelcovitz, PhD

David Mandel, CEO, Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services
Simcha Feurman, LCSW, Director of Operations & Development, Ohel
Edna Ludmir, MSW. Director of the Benafshenu Center, Bnei Brak
Debbie Rozensweig Katz, Content Writer and Editor
Daniela Levy, Translator and Writer
Saul Feldman, MD