ASAP Guide for Camp Directors

Molestation is an extremely painful and uncomfortable topic.  It is hard to imagine that this can happen in our community, one which we hold to the highest standards.  However, it  has become clear that we can no longer ignore this terrible issue, but rather must take significant steps to ensure that this criminal activity no longer continues. 

Camp Directors are responsible for the safety of all campers in their care and the behavior of every staff member they entrust with their campers.  As such, it is incumbent upon directors to take strong measures to reduce the risk of harm to campers. If a camp does not take measures to reduce the risk of harm, they may be legally accountable.

The responsibility of a Camp Director is to hire trustworthy staff, provide professional training, impose and supervise safety guidelines, and identify and respond to abuse or suspected abuse or molestation in a professional manner in accordance with the law.  While Safety First is every camp’s nomenclature (safety from harm, water safety, driving safety, safety on trips, et. al.),  this guide will provide you with information to help you navigate the recruitment, hiring, training and supervision of staff in order to keep your camp safe specifically from abuse and molestation.    Please keep in mind that these guidelines are intended to provide a general framework for each camp’s consideration.  We strongly encourage each camp’s administration to review and discuss the proposed guidelines with their attorney to ensure that the Final, adopted version is consistent with applicable state law.

The guide includes:

  1. Staff screening guidelines
  2. Abuse-prevention protocol
  3. Intervention protocol
  4. Abuse Prevention Training for Counselors
  5. Discussion guide for counselors
  6. Safety guidelines for parents
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