Camp Counselors

Camp is one of the most fun and meaningful experiences for children, and can have a positive impact that can last a lifetime. However, the relaxed camp environment and lack of supervision and clear safety guidelines in camp have been sadly known to result in crossed boundaries, inappropriate affection, and molestation.

Counselors are in the critical position of being role models for their campers, and ensuring that they are physically and emotionally safe throughout the summer. This short program will train counselors on healthy and unhealthy affection, boundaries, signs for identifying inappropriate relationships, and the proper response to situations of abuse or suspected abuse. By learning and implementing this information, counselors will be able to help give campers the positive healthy experience they came for.

This course comprises two components:


Four short videos addressing the important and basic level of information camp counselors need in order to ensure the safety of their campers. Please take all the time you need to watch these videos and integrate the information. You can replay the videos as many times as you would like.


A multiple choice test based on information presented in the videos which is designed to help you integrate the information learned through real camp scenarios.

The Role of the Counselor in Keeping Camp Safe

Boundaries for Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Identifying Unhealthy and Harmful Relationships

Responding to Boundary Violations and Harmful Behavior

This multiple choice test comprises 49 questions based directly on information presented in the videos. The real camp scenarios presented are geared to help you integrate the information learned in a real way. You have 30 minutes to complete the test. Upon completion, your results and certificate will be emailed to you directly.

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