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The ASAP-Ohel Scholarship program was established to increase the number of qualified therapists able to treat victims of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community.

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new applications.

ASAP-Ohel Advanced Training Scholarship Program

The scholarship is geared towards seasoned therapists who have been working with victims of abuse but do not have adequate trauma training and certification in evidence-based methods (e.g. EMDR, TF-CBT, DBT) and experienced general therapists who want to develop expertise in treating survivors of sexual abuse. This program is sponsored by Yedidut Toronto, Supported by the Friedberg Charitable Foundation. Scholarship Details and eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must have an advanced degree in mental health.
  • Applicants must have clinical licensure in their field allowing for independent practice.
  • Applicants must submit evidence of having at least 5 years experience in outpatient treatment with a significant caseload of Orthodox Jewish clients.
  • A letter of recommendation from a supervisor must be included in the application.


  • Recognized trauma training program that offers full and comprehensive certified trauma training.
  • Evidence-based treatment modality with a focus on sexual abuse.
  • Supervision must be provided by recognized trainers and supervisors in the chosen modality.
  • Participation in 3/4 online supplementary training sessions.


  • Application, CV, proof of Licensure, proof of experience (see eligibility requirements), letter of recommendation and application fee should be submitted to:

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