Therapy Fund

Administered via member organizations only


As a first step in addressing the reality of sexual abuse in our community, ASAP has established a fund to make professional therapeutic services accessible to victims of sexual abuse.

The fund is administered via member organizations only. We do this in order to protect clients and ensure that they are being properly guided and supported through the therapeutic process. Organizations and educational institutions that wish to become ASAP members and as such, eligible to access the therapy fund for their clients, are invited to learn more about membership criteria and benefits, and submit an application here. Potential clients who are in need of a therapy subsidy are invited to turn to one of our member organizations for support. Click here for a list of our members.  


All information submitted to ASAP will remain confidential; Client privacy is respected at all times. 

Our Model

If you are a nonprofit organization (NGO)

Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions working with children and youth in the frum community are invited to submit an application to become a member of ASAP. If you are considering applying, please review the NGO membership criteria here, and if you meet the guidelines, fill out this application form, and resubmit it through the website. For more information, please contact

Apply Here

If you need help

If you or someone you know has been or is a victim of molestation and need help paying for therapy, please review the client eligibility criteria here. If you meet the guidelines, you are invited to contact one of our member organizations to ask them to guide you through the process.

See Our Members