Prevent Sexual Abuse at Your Camp ASAP

Be proactive


ASAP’s online camp safety program provides you with screening guidelines, staff training and certification, enabling you and your staff to come to camp equipped with the practical knowledge and tools needed to prevent sexual abuse in your camp this summer.


Clear standards of behavior communicated in a format that will speak to your staff and enable them to confidently prevent inappropriate and abusive behavior.


Your camp will meet market standards by implementing professional best practices to ensure the safety of your campers and staff this summer.


The online video-based format is designed for easy integration within a realistic timeframe. It will capture your staff's attention, giving them a headstart before they start the job.


Join the thousands that are already certified with this online program and secure your camp as well. Your staff will come to camp screened, trained, and committed to upholding camp safety standards.

Sexual abuse is a real threat. It’s time to deal with it.

The program Includes

  • Management toolkit including screening and monitoring guidelines
  • Online animated staff training and testing that is completed before camp
  • Sexual harassment and abuse-prevention guidelines and protocol
  • ASAP CSP Camp Certification that can be shared with your camp family and community

Only US$150 / CA$200 for your entire camp staff!
Early-Birds will get a Discount of 20%!

Money back within 7 days of purchase if you change your mind!
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Proven Success

Research about ASAP's Camp Safety Program by Evaluation Services

  • 100% of camp directors reported that the online training helped them maintain safety at camp
  • 96% of counselors/staff agreed the materials were useful and easy to understand and implement.
  • The program has created a language, code for maintaining boundaries, addressing uncomfortable issues and getting help where needed.
  • The program content is efficient and practical. The content was transferred in non-threatening manner despite the sensitive issue.
  • ASAP Camp Safety training is PREVENTING ABUSE in Summer Camps.

who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of researchers, mental health care practitioners, educators and software developers dedicated to identifying unmet needs in the field of child sexual abuse (CSA) and creating innovative, appealing, effective, efficient, scalable and sustainable solutions.

Society is finally coming to terms with the scope and magnitude of CSA. We believe that our team’s responsibility is to create 21st century solutions for an ancient problem. Our intention is to not only help survivors heal, but to implement prevention programs at such a massive scale that the incidence of CSA decreases from its current epidemic magnitude to episodic occurences that can be addressed quickly and effectively.

Our Achievements

  • Developing and implementing best-practice protocols for NGO case managers to help survivors of sexual abuse access effective mental health care
  • Operating an emergency fund to subsidize mental health care for hundreds of sexual abuse survivors who cannot afford it on their own, and track their progress
  • Developing an online training program for summer camp counselors used by hundreds of camps throughout North America
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