About Us

ASAP is a nonprofit organization that addresses the critical problem of molestation and abuse in the community.
Our mission is to assist communities in building healthy, responsible, and abuse-free spaces.
ASAP provides treatment and prevention resources to victims, therapists, and community organizations, providing them with the necessary tools to create a healthy and safe environment.

Our Objectives

  • To prevent abuse through promoting increased community awareness
  • To establish best-practice industry standards
  • To promote professional knowledge in community nonprofit organizations
  • To promote professional training of trauma therapists
  • To support professional therapeutic services for victims
  • To support victims in achieving self-sufficiency

Our Team

Moshe Schapiro


Michael Shumacher


Zeevi Kessler


Haim Beinash


Gila Ashkenazy

Project Coordinator

Michael Salamon

Professional Consultant

Community Leaders Support the Program

Special Thanks​

ASAP expresses its sincere gratitude to our supporters and colleagues listed below who have made a significant contribution to our organization