Therapy Program

ASAP’s Therapy Program makes professional therapeutic services accessible to victims of sexual abuse.

The program is geared to support victims who are living in the United States and are unable to pay for therapy on their own. Through the therapy program, victims are supported in healing from the trauma and the emotional, behavioral, physical, educational, vocational, and relational impact it has had on their lives.

The Program offers

  • Professional best-practice standards for trauma treatment and referrals.
  • Therapeutic measurement and evaluation system.
  • Community case management and feedback model for supporting and overseeing victims’ therapeutic process to ensure optimal treatment and prevent the continuation of unsuitable/harmful therapy.
  • Training staff members of community agencies in best-practice methodology.
  • Financial subsidies for evidence-based trauma treatment. The subsidy is not administered directly to victims, but rather through local community organizations.
  • Partnership with local clinics to ensure their federally-funded trauma treatment is adapted and made accessible to the Jewish (including religious) communities.
  • Developing an insurance advocacy program to assist victims in accessing the financial subsidies they deserve, but are being denied.

Member Organizations

Member organizations are nonprofit organizations or educational institutions providing services to the Jewish community. In order to join the program and access our services, including the therapy subsidy, agencies must commit to providing professional intake and case management to victims. Organizations and educational institutions that wish to become ASAP members and as such, eligible to access the therapy fund for their clients, are invited to submit an application here.

Organization Directory

Organizations providing support for victims.

Therapeutic clinics

Clinics providing subsidized therapy

Office of Victim Services (OVS)

Financial support for victims of crime (including sexual abuse).
Reimbursement for therapy costs is available.